Monday 28 March 2016

Welcome to Cringefest

Yes indeed, Joe is back!

Welcome to Cringefest picks up eight months after the end of Return of the Geek. Joe is still desperately sad at losing Natalie, the love of his life, and is determined to win her back.

Of course, because it's Joe, his attempts at talking to her only make things worse, and he is about to give up hope. That is, until he discovers a foolproof strategy, a plan that works in so many TV shows and films -

The Grand Gesture.

In case you're not familiar with Grand Gestures, here are some of the most common examples:

The Rain-Soaked Declaration of Love!

The Last Minute Airport Dash!

And of course . . .

The Standing Outside Her Bedroom Window Like a Big Creepy Freak!

Now, you know what Joe is like and that attempting any of the above activities would be a very bad idea for him, but Joe isn't that clever. And with a VIP trip to Buzzfest, the greatest music festival ever, the opportunities for Grand Gestures (as well as pain, humiliation and degradation) are limitless.

The Private Blog of Joe Cowley: Welcome to Cringefest is out on 7th April from all the usual places. Here is a video I made about it.

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