Thursday 2 January 2014

The Private Blog of Joe Cowley - Book trailer

In my day, there were only three things that had trailers - films, film stars and my uncle Cyril who used one to tow around his JESUS IS COMING advertising pyramid.

Thing is, these days they're doing them for books, too, and my book is no exception. Now, in this trailer, I play three of the characters from the book. To begin with, I thought it was all a bit unseemly - a grown man pretending to be school kids, but then I watched the film Grease, and realised they're all about forty-five, so I'm probably OK.

If I ever saw this man in a school, I would inform the police.

Anyway, I'll stop flapping my gums and show you the video. Hopefully, it will persuade you to buy the book. Or pay for me to have elocution lessons, either is good.

This trailer was produced by the marvellous MB Films. (

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